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Running workshops as part of a CodeUp session is optional, but we find that they work very well to group people and have them learn in a small group together.

Workshops are led by mentors and can cover any programming topic. Mentors might wish to develop their own workshop to deliver, use a recommended workshop from the CodeUp library. Workshops should be aimed at beginners, and aim to run for no more than 2 hours.

CodeUp Workshop Library[]

Programming 101[]

Make a Website[]

Make an Interactive Website[]

Learn Git[]

Learn the Command Line[]

Some of these workshops may take slightly longer than 2 hours, but we find that you can cover enough content to have the learner finish the tutorials at home.

Codecademy has many other tutorials which are designed for people who want to learn how to code, and with the help of our mentors, can provide a great learning experience.

For learners looking for a more extensive online learning experience, Free Code Camp has a very extensive curriculum to follow, and at CodeUp, we have seen attendees gain employment as junior developers using their Free Code Camp portfolio.