What CodeUp Organisers do?Edit

  • Arrange a venue to hold the CodeUp meetups
  • Greet learners on arrival and try to match their needs to the skills of the mentors present 
  • Create an agenda for sessions, booking in talks and workshops when required
  • Act as “Host” to make sure everyone’s happy and getting something positive out of CodeUp 
  • Act as timekeeper, give people a 15 minute warning before the session ends
  • Support the mentors

What CodeUp Mentors do?Edit

  • Support learners in any projects they might be working on
  • Suggest ways for beginners to get started, depending on their individual goals
  • Always act in a friendly approachable and non critical manner
  • Guide learners to the solutions to any problems they encounter, rather than “helicoptering in” to solve them
  • Avoid jargon - explaining it as many times as necessary where it must be used
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