Getting the word out about your branch isn't difficult. To make it even easier, we present a handful of techniques that we found most effective:

Press Edit

One of the big aims of CodeUp is to create an open, friendly and supportive learning environment where any adult can attain new digital skills for zero financial cost.. That’s why we like to engage the local press and highlight the participants and their enthusiasm where possible.

Write a press release (or ask us for help with that!), and prepare a list of local bloggers and journalists who write for local magazines and simply send them an e-mail.

If you're working with a big company as a sponsor, maybe their PR department can help?

Facebook, Twitter, social media Edit

Getting the word out via social media is pretty easy today. Create a Facebook page, Twitter profile or fanpage on whatever service you use in your city and ask your friends to help you spread the word. People share things really easily, and that has been by far the most effective source for us too. We also have a central twitter account, if you tag @CodeUpUK in your posts we'll help spread the word!

Go to the media chapter to find logos, images and photos you can use on your social media profiles.

You can also use photos from previous CodeUp sessions from our Flickr. Please check the licence of photos you are going to use. Some of them can be used only if certain conditions are met.

Local universities Edit

Students and professors are a very active group of people who want to learn new things. Don't focus only on technical universities! Try to reach people with a different background. Here is what you can do:

1) Prepare a simple e-mail you can send to your local universities and ask them to pass the message to their students and faculty.

2) Find Facebook groups and communities of students, and post information about the workshop in those online spaces.

3) Print some posters and ask universities if you can put them up them.

Local meetups Edit

Go to your local meetups and invite them over to CodeUp! Check out to identify your local meetups and communities.

Flyers - outside the box Edit

Print some posters and flyers and distribute them in your local gyms, music stores, cafes or restaurants.

Go to our media page to find posters and flyers we already created. Don't be afraid to contribute yours, too!

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