On the day, we really recommend you to let the different groups go at their own pace. Don't forget that attendees are new learners: some will be quick, some will want to spend more time on certain topics, etc. By doing so, you'll be sure they have an awesome time ;)

6pm Organisers arrive and setup the venue

6:30pm Mentors arrive and get settled, brief everyone on any workshops or tutorials running that evening

6:45pm Doors open and attendees arrive, organisers welcome everyone in and tell people where the workshops and tutorials will be running

7pm If a talk has been scheduled, it would begin now, otherwise attendees not participating in workshops or group tutorials are split into groups and allocated to mentors. Workshops and group tutorials begin. In the event of a talk, we recommend a maximum talk time of 30 minutes, meaning that workshops, tutorials and mentoring would commence at 7:30pm instead.

8:45pm Let everyone know they have 15 minutes left and to start finishing up whatever section they're working on

9pm Session ends, you may wish to continue socialising in a local pub afterwards though!

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