CodeUp Wiki

CodeUp is designed to be able to run at no cost to the organiser.

Once your branch has been approved, you will be provided with everything you need to get started by the organisation, however, once your branch is established, you may wish to seek funding to bring in equipment, workshop materials or purchase branded items like banner stands and t-shirts for mentors to enhance the group.

CodeUp events are always non-profit and free for participants. We do not pay mentors, speakers or organisers, so if you do seek funding, you cannot use it to pay people for their time.

Funds should never be run through a personal bank account. We recommend that you apply for a community bank account from Barclays or the Coop, use another organisation's account (perhaps your venue will do this for you) or request that fund be put through the CodeUp UK bank account (you can contact us to request this).

In the event that your branch received funding, we request that 10% is donated back to the CodeUp organisation to help with overall running costs and setup costs for new branches. You can make this donation via paypal to

Any equipment purchased with CodeUp funding remains the property of CodeUp, and not the organisers.